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Why I am bringing an Equal Pay Claim against Morrisons

When I first heard about the claim, I thought it was unfair that warehouse distribution centre workers at Morrisons were being paid more than supermarket store workers. People skills are undervalued

Equal Pay Claims and the Gender Pay Gap: spot the difference?

Thursday 14th November 2019 marked Equal Pay Day. Or, more accurately, Unequal Pay Day, as this is the date from which women effectively work for free as a result of the gender pay gap in the UK.

5 things you might be wondering about the Morrisons Equal Pay claim

We’ve broken down your questions about joining the Morrisons equal pay claim. If you work on the shop floor in a Morrisons supermarket, we understand what hard and skilful work that is. Some of

The other pay gap, ethnicity

Thursday’s Equal Pay Day highlights the vitally important issue of the gender pay gap between men and women. The day of the year from which women are basically working for free because of the

Everything you need to know about the supermarket equal pay claims

Over 42,000 supermarket store workers from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Co-op are currently being represented by Leigh Day. These workers all have one thing in common; they are bringing

Equal Pay in broadcasting: Samira Ahmed brings an equal pay claim against the BBC

BBC presenter, Samira Ahmed, is taking a landmark equal pay claim against her employer to the Central London Employment Tribunal. She is claiming that she was paid 85% less than a man for work of

Equal Pay Success in South Wales. Be Part Of It.

Equal Pay Success in South Wales. Be Part Of It Tens of thousands of workers across Wales have been successful in their equal pay claims, as Welsh councils paid out over £75m in compensation as a

I’ve worked for Tesco for over 26 years, here’s why I’ve joined the Tesco Equal Pay claim

  WHY I AM TAKING OUT A LEGAL CASE AGAINST TESCO FOR EQUAL PAY I started working for them in 1991 and at that time I was given a Contract of Employment. This contract entitled me to Double Pay

Tesco store workers, not the pay rise you expected?

Ever feel like it’s given with one hand and taken with another? Tesco, in partnership with USDAW, recently gave information about its upcoming Pay Review for Store and CFC hourly paid staff. All

Equal pay in women’s football – a goal that continues to be missed

This summer the world has been captivated by the (Women’s) world cup. England captain Steph Houghton led her team to the semi-finals, and they brought a whole nation along with them. The Lionesses