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Is the claim 'no win, no fee'?

Yes, it is.

The claims are funded by a Damages-Based Agreement (DBA), which is a type of ‘no win, no fee’ Agreement. The DBA states the fees you are required to pay if the claims are successful, and also states that if the claims are lost you do not pay us anything at all. Please also refer to the FAQ entitled “Are there any situations where I would have to pay before the end of the claim?”.

Are there any situations where I would have to pay before the end of the case?

Sections 7 and 10 of the DBA outline scenarios, other than your claim being successful, where you may have to pay us.

Section 7 outlines your responsibilities regarding the claim. For example, if you mislead us, do not co-operate with us when asked, unreasonably reject our advice, fail to disclose information to us, instruct alternative solicitors or fail to notify us of bankruptcy you may be liable for costs. Please note this is not a complete list and you should refer to the DBA.

Section 10 of the DBA sets out that if you choose to end the Agreement before the claims have finished, you will be required to pay for your share of the total cost at the date you choose to end the Agreement.

How do I make sure I am not at risk of paying costs?

As long as you tell the truth, co-operate with us, accept reasonable advice given by us, try to remember to tell us of any important changes to your work or contact details and stay with the us and the claim until conclusion, you will only have to pay us if you win your claim. You must also tell us if you have been or are bankrupt

Why have I received a costs update if the claims are 'no win, no fee'?

Our Client Care Letter, which you agreed to when you became a client, states that we will give you occasional cost updates. These updates are not asking for payment and are for information only.