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Equal Pay Explained

The Equality Act says that your employer must treat male and female employees equally in the terms and conditions of their employment contract if they’re employed to do equal work.

This also means being paid equally.

Your pay shouldn’t just be based on whether or not a distribution centre job is more physical than one in store.

Our equal pay lawyers understand the need to weigh up all the factors involved between different jobs to decide if they are legally equal.

Equal Value Explained

One common misconception is that equal pay only applies where two jobs are the same, and not where men and women do different jobs of equal value.
To help combat this idea we created this fun explainer video.

What is equal work?

Equal work is:

like work

Roles involving the same or broadly similar tasks.

work rated as equivalent

Work rated by your employer, under a fair job evaluation scheme, as having equal value in how demanding it is.

work of equal value

Work which is not ‘like work’ nor ‘rated as equivalent’, but is of equal value in terms of the demands such as the effort required, the skills needed and the decisions you have to make.