ASDA Equal Pay

Thousands of Asda store workers are currently bringing a claim against Asda for equal pay.

What is the claim about?

We are currently bringing a claim on behalf of over 20,000 Asda store workers for equal pay.

This could mean that workers who are the face of Asda, and whose customer interaction is key to the company’s success, recover over £100 million.

Piggy-back claims for Asda's male store workers

If you work alongside women on the Asda shop floor, you could also stand to benefit in a piggy-back claim.

For this to happen, a female store colleague needs to be successful in her equal value pay claim when her work is compared to a male worker in the distribution centre,

Who can claim?

  • Anyone (male or female) who is hourly paid and has worked at an Asda store in England in the last six years, or Scotland in the last five years, is entitled to bring a claim.
  • No-win, no-fee – The claim is being brought on a no-win, no fee basis.

To join the claim, please fill in the online form or call our equal pay team on 0800 037 4045 (0800 689 3289 if you are a GMB member).

Achieving it for all

…Equal pay is something we are entitled to and we should be fighting and striving towards achieving it for all

Mr K, Asda Employee since 2006