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Equal Pay Now is powered by Leigh Day, leading employment and discrimination lawyers. We don’t act for big corporations; we act for people like you. We want to bring justice by promoting equality and challenging how businesses pay their employees. Too often in the UK, large corporations wrongly underestimate the value of their employees. This leads to unfair treatment of certain workers, typically in the form of unfair and unequal pay.

Our specialist team of equal pay lawyers helps those who have experienced – or are still experiencing – the unfairness of unequal pay at work. We believe that every worker in the UK has the right to equal pay. That includes both male and female supermarket store workers who work hard every day to ensure stores run smoothly and customers have a good experience.

We’ve already helped thousands of employees at private companies and local authorities, such as over 4,500 employees at Birmingham City Council. We acted on behalf of female employees who claimed they were doing an equivalent job to their male counterparts. We took the case to the High Court: now, employees everywhere have six years – instead of six months – to make claims against employers.

We are currently helping store workers at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op and Next who believe they are being paid less than warehouse workers. This is despite both jobs having similar demands. The Big Five supermarkets and retailer Next have wrongly deemed the roles of warehouse workers more taxing than those working in storefronts. We are now challenging this claim.

We have already had success in two Employment Tribunals involving ASDA. Both the Employment Tribunal and Appeal Tribunal found that the roles of ASDA store workers and warehouse workers roles where comparable. ASDA now has one more chance of defending itself against the claims in the Supreme Court.

If you have worked in any Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Co-op or Next store in England, Scotland or Wales within the last 6 months, you could be eligible to join the claim. Click here to choose your claim.