Morrisons store worker explains why she decided to join the Equal Pay Now campaign

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Sally Wright* has worked at a Morrisons store in Kent for seven years. Here, she talks about why she decided to join the Equal Pay Now campaign.

I love my job because I do so many different things, from working in the cash office to being on the customer service desk and running the checkouts.

I like to go above and beyond my duties to make sure customers are happy.

Since the pandemic there’s more confrontations in store because you have customers who don’t wear masks, or they’re wearing it on their chin, and you have to ask them to pull them up. You have to keep yourself safe as well as other people.

“Christmas it can be hell”

When you combine that with the pressure of Christmas it can be hell. You have to rush people through because it’s so busy and there’s not enough checkouts to deal with the demand. Red bauble on the Christmas tree against the background of defocus shelves in the store. Concept Christmas holiday sale New Year. Christmas decorations in the supermarket

When you’re working on Christmas orders and you get down to your last customer, you’re hoping they don’t kick off and if they don’t you think ‘yes, I survived’. It can be very stressful.

It’s these issues that made me join the equal pay claim. People who work in a warehouse don’t have to deal with customers face to face, they don’t have to deal with confrontation. You’re trying your hardest, yet you get screamed at by members of the public and you get no recognition for it.

I feel like I do a lot for the store and the appreciation isn’t there. Receiving equal pay would go some way in making up for that and address the balance.


*Name changed to protect workers’ identity

Click here for more information about the Morrisons equal pay claim and how you can join the Equal Pay Now campaign.

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