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Over 42,000 supermarket store workers from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Co-op are currently being represented by Leigh Day. These workers all have one thing in common; they are bringing equal pay claims.

Here is everything you need to know about the claims and how you can join.

What is the claim about?
The equal pay claims are about whether hourly-paid store workers carry out work that is of “equal value” to those who work in the distribution centres.

If it is shown that the work is of equal value and the pay difference cannot be justified, then the equal pay claims will be successful.

Who decides if the work is of equal value?
The Employment Tribunal decides this question. Independent experts assist the Tribunal by reviewing what work store-workers and their comparator (those in distribution centres) do, giving each job a score.

If you score the same or more than the comparator, then you win the claim unless the supermarket can show that there is a lawful reason for the difference in pay.

We’ve made a short video explaining what equal value is.

Why bring a claim? 

  1. If your claim is successful you may be able to claim up to six years’ worth of back pay to compensate you for the difference in earnings. This could be worth thousands. To find out more about how this would be calculated we have created a video.
  2. If you don’t bring a claim it is extremely unlikely that you will get any financial compensation if we are successful. Instead you may only be entitled to any contractual changes going forward.
  3. Your contract would be amended going forward to ensure you are no longer underpaid.
  4. To challenge the historic perception that ‘women’s work’ should be paid less than men.

Can I bring a claim?
You can bring a claim if:

  1. You currently work for one of the above supermarkets or left within the last 6 months; and
  2. You are/were hourly paid.

The following factors do not matter:

  1. Whether you are male or female;
  2. Your length of service;
  3. The amount of hours you work/worked per week.

How do I join?
To join the claim you just need to complete our short registration form.

Why join Equal Pay Now?
Equal Pay Now is run by Leigh Day, leading employment and discrimination lawyers. We don’t act for big corporations; we act for people like you. Our aim is to bring justice by promoting equality and challenging how businesses pay their employees.

Once you join Equal Pay Now you will be represented by our specialist team of equal pay lawyers. We’ve already helped thousands of employees at private companies and local authorities, such as over 4,500 employees at Birmingham City Council. And we are now bringing claims on behalf of thousands of store-workers which you can be a part of.

Blog written by Lara Kennedy, Solicitor on the Tesco Equal Pay Team

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