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When two jobs in the same company are equally as demanding, employees deserve to be paid equally. That should be a given, but when it comes to jobs in supermarkets and in high street shops that is not always the case.

Across Britain, thousands of men and women are working long hours in shops and supermarkets. They are the face of their companies, interacting with customers on a daily basis. Their work is physical, challenging and exhausting. Yet, they are paid less than their colleagues in warehouses and distribution centres. Contact us if you would like to discuss the claim further. 

We are Leigh Day, a law firm challenging this unequal situation with the Equal Pay Now campaign. We are taking cases to employment tribunals on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis. We believe the claim that store, shop and warehouse workers do jobs of equal value is a strong and winnable one. We have already had success in the courts in the first stage of our claims, including judgments from the Supreme Court and Court of Justice of the European Union that the roles of store workers and distribution centre workers are comparable.

As specialists dealing with group claims involving large corporations, we understand how supermarkets and high street shops often overlook the fair treatment of their employees. That is why we are dedicated to providing expert and transparent client care to every individual we help. Every worker should have fair access to justice and the guarantee of equal pay.

“At Leigh Day we believe it is unjust that they are paid less than their colleagues in warehouses and distribution centres, which is why we are challenging this inequality with the Equal Pay Now campaign. It’s time this hardworking group of people get the pay and recognition they deserve from supermarket bosses.”

Emma Satyamurti, a partner in the Leigh Day employment team 

If the claim is successful, not only will workers finally be paid equally, but they will also be able to claim up to six years of back pay.

Thousands of Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Co-op and Next employees have signed up to Equal Pay Now already. Join them today and become part of a movement that is pushing for change.

All we are asking for is fair treatment. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s good what you’re doing

"It's good what you’re doing. From my experience in working in my branch the majority of women are doing unappreciated, heavy work which should be paid equally to those in the distribution centres."

Ms J B, Morrisons Employee

Achieving it for all

    "Equal pay is something we are entitled to and we should be fighting and striving towards achieving it for all."

Mr K, Asda Employee since 2006

A must for unappreciated staff members

"Having heard about this from a few colleagues I feel it's a must for unappreciated staff members."

Mrs C I, Tesco Employee for over 10 years


Your employer must treat its male and female employees equally, if they are employed to do equal work.


If the case is successful, won’t I benefit financially anyway?

Will the claims cost me money?

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